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So Just letting everyone know Im going to make this into a full fledged review blog. For anime/manga. So ill be Putting everything into this section from now on. And moving my other articles to “Everything Else” section

It will Contain:



For Each Review, followed by a Synopsis. (prolly copy-pasted from wiki) eheh im lazy what can i say

It will be a Rather Normal, and not too lengthy review. With Highlights, and then 3 Screen-captures. Highlights will be less than a sentence summing up each category.

The Highlights will be:

  • Premise/Story-What it’s about, and what i thought of it.
  • Characters -How are the characters? Shallow deep?
  • Animation -Pretty self explanitory
  • Music -The OP and ED and music inbetween
  • Final Word -Final thought on the series

Afterwards I will post my thoughts in 3-4 Paragraph In-depth review of each Show, followed by a X/10 Ending score. Each paragraph will usually Go in detail of each Highlight (the final word will be one or two sentence ending).

I know it seems like a “cut and paste” format but this will make it easier when Im doing my Review.

Thanks! hope to look forward to some potential Readers.

Edit: Btw I’ll only be doing full series reviews as I dont have time to blog about each episode im watching lol

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Max Payne, the movie….

So i saw Max Payne the movie this weekend, I have a few thoughts on it. First of all, it wasn’t a bad movie by any means, it had decent action, decent actors. But lets face it, most if not all Video game–> Movie’s usually blow. This one doesn’t suck but I dunno i expected more.

The “Angels of Death” or w/e seemed to be kind of “out of place” and didn’t really fit into the movie at all, i understand their trippin bawls or w/e but seriously they were unneeded. Really theirs not much to write about this movie, it’s got decent action. But the middle part of the movie was quite slow, and the ending was just kinda “bam” it’s over, but wtf happened to XXX person and this and that. So it left off….without explaining much. Not to mention it’s NOTHING like the game at all.

Oh Hollywood when will you learn, games only make good movies when good directors make them….

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Free at Last!

Well…..not really, but this weekend i am looking forward too. No more exams…..for now, I believe I did well on both, one of them doesn’t really matter, one makes a big deal. But I did study for around 10 hours for each the day before, and felt like I knew the material. So if I get a bad grade back, im gonna be pissed.

Im also kinda bummed I have to get up early tomm and work, of course that wont stop me from staying up late.

But ya thats all I had to say, freedom at last.

Edit: On a sidenote, i watched “Cool Runnings” last night. thats not a half bad movie….

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Keane:Perfect Symmetry

So Im guessing your wondering where i got the “name” for this website, well it’s from one of my Favorite Bands:Keane, they came out with a new album recently, and yeah im just promoting them on this post, but seriously give them a listen to. Their a British Piano rock band, how can you go wrong. They feel like a Mix of Coldplay and the Killers, from slow piano rhythms, to fast paced almost techno like piano sounds. A very relaxing and fun band, and their new album is just awesome.

Some Suggested Listens from the Album:

  • Can’t See me
  • Lovers are Losing
  • Better than This
  • Perfect Symmetry

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Too much at Once

Do you ever sometimes get overwhelmed by everything thats happening? This past month has been a mix of alot of things.

Lets Take a Look at whats Happened:

  • Got a Ticket Yesturday, everyone knows I wasting about 140$’s on nothing….
  • Grandparents in VA (moms side) have both had illnesses, and one of them has to get surgery soon. Im thinking everything will be ok.
  • School is being a bitch, Calculus is also raping me as well.
  • Our Water,Electric, and Gas have all been turned off the past 2 months because of mistakes made by the companies. It seems people can’t do their job right.
  • Money is getting tight, the new speeding ticket doesn’t help. My job pays decent, but not “that well”
  • I have 2 exams this week and a program due next week that I have absolutely 0 clue how to do.
  • I’ve been dog sitting just about every week, which is boring as hell.
  • I have a girl that I like that lives 2000 miles away, and she may be coming up to see me. So as usual im nervous as hell

So yeah….kinda a QQ post, but I had to let it out. I feel SOO overwhelmed this past week. Money getting low, people’s stress levels going very high. Coupled with School and Work it hasn’t been, I look back at how things were settled down before and miss that. I think I need some stability in my life, a stable G/F would be nice. At least something to keep my stress levels down.

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Freakin Cops…. and Exams

So I’ve been at my parents house dogsitting….which is fine and everything. My parents are gone to check up on my grandparents (which seem to be doing ok, altho they weren’t earlier) So that is a relief. So i leave this morning around 8:30 AM to come back to the House. Im on New Circle Road….driving trying to keep with the flow of traffic. I see a cop sitting on his motorcycle, i drive by but try to slow down. Of course this doesn’t work….and I get pulled over, going 74 in a 55. He gives me the usual riff-raff and I say I know I was speeding. BUT as usual i dont get a break, i get a ticket. Fortunatly my B-day is coming up…soooo Birthday money will help pay for it. But it still pisses me off, all my friends ALWAYS get out of tickets and im pretty sure they drive more recklessly than I do.

That is just icing on the cake though as I have exams all this week. Oh joy. Although im trying not to let it get to me..or make this week any worse than it is. Gotta stay positive, oh well im gonna go nap before class now ^_^

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m33w Fansubbing

Just a Sidenote, for those who don’t know: I also sub anime aswell as watching it. It’s kind of a part time hobby to give back to the community.

For those who are interested in this kinda thing check out the website:

Go Support us through the Site!!! Thanks!

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Newbie Stuff, and Difficult Decisions

First of All. FIRST POST!!!!!111!11one!!!1! But now that that’s done let me get to the gist of everything, this is my first web-blog so go easy on me. It’ll basically ramblings about my life, my hobbies, my interests a little bit of a mixed bag. I also enjoy talking about Movies,Shows,Music that I enjoy. Sometimes i’ll do a summed up review of them. So you do have my opinion to look forward too.  I may not be the most interesting speaker….or even accurate by any means. And I’ve never been great at punctuation etc… So just ignore how bad my writing is :). And I would add pictures of myself, but i dont feel like getting a Yahoo account JUST for flikr, so i’ll put a picture of myself here.



First of All, my first entry is going to be about Difficult Decisions. What really classifies something as difficult……well for me it’s a person. Lets see my relationship history goes back pretty far, till about 2 years ago where it took a HUGE HALT. And by halt i mean I wasn’t meeting anyone at all for a good 2 years. My last relationship was 2 weeks long, and I can barely call that a serious relationship because it was so short. Either way that was more than a year and a half ago. So needless to say it’s been a “dry” season.

That is……until i met someone, a good while back. Now…im not the type to just go after flings at all EVER. Thats just not my way, i may not be the “most romantic” person, but when i say things I mean them. Also I consider myself a trustworthy guy, when i “go out” with someone I want it to be a serious thing and last a long time. All the people i’ve dated i’ve hoped for long term relationships because I just dont want short meaningless relationships. Basically what im trying to say is….i want meaningful relationships in my life. Sadly thats alot harder to come by than you’d think.  Because I believe im a “decent” looking guy. Im not the most attractive, nor am I ugly by any means (well thats my opinion though)

Problem is im a hugeeeee geek, and by huge I mean huge. I pretty much like all the nerdy stuff that geeks like. Computers,Anime,Manga,Video Games. All that nerdy stuff, and people dont realize this because I dont “look” like i’d like those things. So thats an Automatic Put-off. But anyways thats where I stop talking about myself. Because I met the MOST amazing person, someone thats just like me, who’s VERY attractive. And Who is a genuine good person. I’ve been talking to her for god knows how long, one problem. She’s about 2000 miles away, all the way over in England. Although we have plans for her to come over here, which im VERY much looking forward too.

But thats where it starts, what do you do when you meet a person so great…..but you dont even ‘really’ know them. Although I talk to her all the time, and it’s not one-sided because this person feels the same way. And you can’t really look at any other girls when you have one thats perfect sitting right in front of you….except she’s a million miles away…… It’s a tough decision, and really you think to yourself “How can this ever work”. But you want to wish it could and hope it can, although you know deep down it can’t. It sucks yes…but sometimes I guess thats how things are.